FinalPost/Update for the evening...

So, it was a super long day, but the BOX is finally closed and drying for the night! There's about 15 fans and 6 dehumidifiers running in the place! I will be meeting with the professionals tomorrow at 10:30 am to determine if the flooring and walls are dry enough to try and start reinstalling all the flooring.

As of now, there will be no classes tomorrow. If possible we will use the time to get the flooring back down and get at least one side of the gym in operational condition. Worst case scenario we will all meet on Saturday morning for a parking lot/park/beach WOD. Please stay tuned on the blog and here for more info.

At the end of the day this kind of stuff always gives you a chance to reflect. Truth be told, I could care-less about any astronomical water/electric/cleanup bill that may be on the way... What I hated most about today, was seeing a part of my "home" in a bad state. I hated not being able to coach. I hated not seeing all the smiling faces come through the door. I hated not seeing CFC "alive." 

Today is over and tomorrow will be a new day! I will not stop until this place is back in order and even better than before! This is nothing more than a test. This place is my life, and nothing will stand in the way of that! Thank you again to everyone who called, texted, or came to support.

Have a great night y'all. Love you all.


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