How long have you been CrossFitting? Almost 2 years...the past 11 months at CFC.

Favorite Exercise or (WOD) Workout of Day? Most anything that involves a heavy barbell...probably squats or cleans would come to the top of the list.

Least fav exercise or (WOD) Workout of Day?
Probably double unders...I usually cringe when I see them on the board even if they've gotten a lot better than they used to be.

Whats the biggest improvement in your CrossFit game that you have seen so far? Since the beginning of this year, my overall strength and endurance has really improved...I never really thought I'd be able to lift the weight that has become routine. In the same light, my technique has improved tremendously.

What's the biggest lifestyle/behavioral/health improvement have you seen from CrossFit? I'm more aware of how food impacts my body, and in turn, I'm a lot more conscious of what I eat and drink. 
Coolest place you've ever CrossFitted? Shanghai, China...because, I mean, it was China and halfway around the world.

Future CrossFit goals?
Break 200# on my back squat and get a muscle up.

Future life goals not related to CrossFit?
My husband would say be CEO of my company...maybe that's super aspirational, but in the shorter term, I'd like to lead one of our businesses and have an big impact on what we do and the people on the team by the time I'm 40.

What's your favorite part about being an athlete at CrossFit Charleston? The people..the family. It's a place I truly miss when I'm not in town.

If you had a CrossFit nickname what would you want it to be? And why....It's not one I chose, but it's one I got from an old coach. He called me High Def. Ha

Warm Up:
800m Run
Box Jumps
Ring Rows

3 Rounds For Time:
400m Run
20 Clean + Jerk (95/65#)

Core: 100 Twisted Floor Wipers

"Stick with what works..."

Post all scores/times/reps/loads/modifcations to comments.

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