As you all know the opens are upon us! This is a great opportunity for you to test yourself and your fitness. The opens do not need to be this overbearing panic of anxiety on how well you will do! You will do fine! When you toe the line and start each workout the only thing that you can give it is your very best. If you find that you’re weak in some areas then great, lets work on them. That’s what the coaches are here for, to help you take your fitness to another level!!! I encourage you to participate!
With that being said, this is how the opens will run. The workouts will be released every Thursday night at 8 p.m. Friday will be movement prep for the workouts. So let’s say that the workout is power snatches, toes to bar, and double under’s. Friday we will open the gym from 4:30-6:30 and have a movement workout planned that will allow athletes to understand all movements associated with the workout. We will work on snatch movement, how to do toes to bar, and how to connect those double unders ß(Do you homework!!!). This will give all athletes the ability to check the prescribed weights and play with consistent numbers that lets each devise their own battle plan on how they will attack the workout!!!! Then Saturday we will run the heats. Heats will start roughly at 9:15 and we will run them until everyone is through. If athletes need to leave early, we can allow them to go first. The gym will not shut down for the day until all athletes get a chance to do the workout!
Monday will be our alternated day to do the open workout for those who couldn’t make the Saturday heat times and it will allow all athletes a chance to do the workout again that want to. Don’t worry we will have a subsequent workout planned for anyone does not want to do the workout again on Monday.
Finally, if you absolutely need to do the workout Friday afternoon because you cannot come in Saturday or Monday then please message us on FaceBook and we will do what we can. Our plan is to get as much support on Saturday as we can. This Saturday we will kick off the opens will a little food after! If you would like, bring in a dish! I’m sure we will grab some swole meat for the grill or have something else planned…maybe pulled pork!!!!!!!! Once again I urge you to participate! Bring your family and friends and let’s blow the lid off of the gym!!! Let’s start a fire in this place and give those workouts hell! Thanks and see you all at the box!!!!  
Friday: Movement prep
Saturday: All heats
Monday: Second or last chances to complete workout

Post all scores/times/reps/loads/modifications to comments.

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