CFC Family,
I formally wanted to let you know that as of tonight, I am no longer the owner of CFC. As some of you know, and some have speculated the last few month have been a time for change within this gym, and tonight marks a very new, and a very special season for CFC.
This decision has not come easy, and my heart breaks to know my time as owner of this gym has come to an end. I'm not going to bore you all with the how's and why's as what made me make this decision. I don't want this to be about me. I will say, it was a family decision, and it was one that I know to be right for myself, my wife, and my little girl. Sometimes you just know when it's time.
I have passed the gym on to an incredible friend of mine, who has been with me since the start of this facility. Josh Hartzell, is now the new owner of CFC, and I could not be more excited for him, and work that he will put into this place. I can assure you there is no better candidate to fill in my shoes than this man. We have been great personal friends for 10 years, he loves this gym, and he knows what it takes to keep running this gym on passion and drive. Josh is a phenomenal coach and an even better motivator. He is the man to carry the torch from now on, and I have no doubt he will make it burn brighter and stronger than it already is! Please congratulate Josh the next time you see him on this incredible opportunity!
There will never be words to describe the love, passion, and effort I put into this place to watch it grow from Day 1 to what it is today. I have been able to call it my own for the the last 8 years. I thought about what it has meant to me to run this place for the last 8 years. To be honest, most people would think that a coach or trainer would type a note like this say to something like "I hope I helped you along the way. Im glad I could be a part of your weightloss. I hope you made better food choices because of me. I hope you liked my programming. I hope you stick with it."
But I don't want to focus on how little I have given you, and instead I wanted to say how MUCH you all have given me! CrossFit Charleston has blessed me in ways that I could have never imagined. I want to truly say thank to any and everyone who has ever come through these doors and shared in the experience. By being here you were partaking in a dream of mine that was the cornerstone of my life!
Through your fitness, I have built and maintained some of the very best relationships in my life. One of the biggest take aways of this entire experience, will be remembering the caliber of people that have come through this place.
Over the last 8 years, yall have shared life with me at some of the very best, and some of the very worst times. I am forever grateful to those I have been able to cross paths with. All of you are such incredible people.
CrossFit is an amazing fitness routine and I will forever believe in the programming and the effectiveness of the workouts. CrossFit Charleston has been my heart and soul for the last 8 years, and nothing will ever fully separate me from that. My goals as a business owner, NEVER lied in dollars and cents, but only in providing a world class training facility, programming that worked, and believing in people to push themselves to greater and greater achievements.
I walk away from this experience tonight with zero regrets, having learned numerous life lessons, and being excited for the future for myself, my family, and this gym! The past 8 years have been the very best of my life, and will miss them all dearly.
Thank you all for believing in me, and allowing me to live out a dream.
I love you all.
God, Family, Fitness.
Until the next 3,2,1...GO!!!
Coach Will Graham

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