Tuesday: 3/22/2016
Tomorrow we hit back squats. This time we focus on hitting depth pauses at the bottom. Releasing that hamstring tension and then reengaging it with pure strength out of the bottom. Following the strength we hit a 10 min AMRAP of an ascending ladder by 2's. Bring your jump ropes and chalk up! We are now going to start incorporating RX+ movements. Tomorrow's RX+ is bar Muscle Ups.
5x5 Back Squat (65-70% 1RM sustained)
*with 3 second pause each rep at bottom!
10 min ascending ladder by 2’s
20 double unders / 40 singles
2 pull-ups (*C2B, or jumping pull-ups)
RX+ Bar Muscle up's

Post all scores/times/reps/loads/modifications to comments.

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