ROW, ROW, ROW your boat!!!! 16.4 exposed quite a few inefficiencies with regards to how people row.  The mechanics of the row should resemble the dead lift. The drive should come from the heels extending through the initial drive by pushing with strong hamstrings. The back/spine should remain in the neutral position with the core engaged during the entire evolution of the pull! Once the handle gets to the knee line by the power accrued through the heel drive, thats when the athlete should start to retract the upper back to assist the legs with finishing off the pull! The exhale should be done at the end of the pull and the inhale should be taken during the reset/catch position to start another pull!
There are some other issues with the pull such as dipping the handle as the athlete comes into the catch position. Just as you do any other movement you want to keep active recruitment in the muscle systems that you are utilizing. Meaning if you dip the handle you are releasing the core and upper back and then having to shock/reengage them to start another pull. This is the same feeling if one during the decent of the deadlift releases their hamstrings well below parallel before starting the drive of another deadlift. That extra drop is unnecessary to achieve another deadlift just as the dip in the handle is, when one is rowing!
15 Min AMRAP
revolving assembly line, *drive hard through each :30 seconds!!
:30 Row Calories
:30 seconds off
:30 Hand Release Push ups
:30 KBS (50/30)
count total reps through 15min. Each athlete will shotgun start on different movements
Post all scores/times/reps/loads/modifications to comments.

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