16.2!!! Alright we are going to open the box up to all athletes who didn't get a chance to complete 16.2 yet. Yes, if you truly wish to go to war again, then go after it and give it all you got!!!
In lieu of 16.2 the subsequent workout for tomorrow is as follows:
5x5 Dead lift (65-85% 1RM)
Double Unders
Following the conclusion of the Open CrossFit competition we will be establishing new base lines for our primary lifts by completing a CFT. Therefore do not miss these strength lifts! Remember weight on the heels. Prior to standing cue yourself by trying to bend the barbell around your shins! Drive your heels into the ground and stand! Hips and chest rise together! As always keep your core tight!
After the strength smash this CF benchmark workout! Go for a new personal best. Now that we have wodify, you will all be able to log your results for future progression!!!!
See you all at the box!!!
Post all scores/times/reps/loads/modifications to comments.

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