Tomorrow we get into some overhead press work! No strict shoulder presses. Lets work the push press and the Jerk! Use those hips and think quick feet under the bar for the jerks!!
5x3 Push Press (75-85% 1Rm)
3x1 Jerk (HAP)
After strength we have a bit of a bruiser but it will help the motor is some of the longer workouts! Maybe even the Open one thats coming out this week!!!
Work on your work capacity. Try to hit as many rounds as you can unbroken and resting in between sets!
12 Min AMRAP
Ascending Ladder by 2’s
Wall Ball
KBS (50/30
See you all at the Box!!!
AND DON'T FORGET 6am's are now Monday thru Friday and we now have a 530 Friday evening!!!!

Post all scores/times/reps/loads/modifications to comments.

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