Forgive us for the past couple days of WODs not posted. We are in the midst of creating a new website and making some changes in the box and we neglected to take care of this site. I can assure you, we are back on our game and the WODs will continue to be posted here. We now have Wodify fully up and running in the box, so please make sure to check the posted WOD there. Drop ins and new athletes, if you have a Wodify account, please feel free to sign in with us after contacting us.
Thank you all for our patience.
16.3 is in the books. The CFC athletes did amazing and should be proud. We had a few first bar MUs as well. Congratulations to Luc Kilgore and Kelly Stratoti for their first Bar MU.
For 16.4 we have a special surprise. We will be watching the announcement of 16.4 and our very own Chris Traynor and Jeremy Abell will be facing off. Join us at the box to see our athlete go head to head. Bring some munchies and beverages and don't forget to wear your green. We will have heats for other athletes who would like to kill 16.4 after cheering on Traynor and Abell.

Now for tomorrows WOD.


We are going to concentrate on strengthening our hips with the hang clean. Remember to push that tailbone to the sky dropping the bar to mid thigh level, then with explosive power, tighten your glutes, hamstrings, guads, and core as you shrug with a high pull to make the bar weightless then catch the bar in a full squat. FAST EBLOWS!!!!!! Then we are going to hit a lil METCON to hit different energy systems.

Warm Up: 10 Min Group Warm

Strength: Hang Clean 5 X 3 (70 - 90% 1RM of Clean)

8 Burpee to target (pill up bar or rings)
18 Wall Balls (12'/10') (20/14) Gals use the guys line, guys go a foot higher
20 T2B

Have fun!!!!!!!!

Post all scores/times/reps/loads/modifcations to comments.

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